relentless detroit testimonials pageWith the strength of your belief and support for what Relentless Detroit stands for, we continue to be able to help put smiles on the faces of children suffering from life threatening illnesses.

Day to day life is already challenging enough but can you imagine yourself as a helpless, defenseless child who only wants to run and play like other children but can not.

Relentless Detroit would like to thank you for helping us continue our efforts to get these Relentless children the care that they so rightly deserve. These children deserve a chance at having a stable life free of illness and your support clearly brings their dreams into reality

We welcome you to leave a brief statement below. Let us know how we are doing, how Relentless Detroit has changed your life or why you chose to support these great children and our cause.

33 Relentless Detroit Testimonials

  1. Shawn Chase November 7, 2016 at 11:47 am #

    Relentless Write Up.

    This is gunna be very long and emotional so, sorry not sorry. I’m only going to talk about my lifts briefly because that was far from the best part of this weekend.

    I went 8/9 with my lifts. It was my first full power meet and I ended with a 639lb squat (35lb PR), tied my meet PR on bench with 402.2 and missed my final attempt at 407.9, and on deadlift I pulled 639 (17lb PR). That gave me a 1680lb Elite total which qualifies me for the Arnold Classic.

    Now I’m going to talk about how this weekend changed my life. I made it all the way to that last deadlift attempt without putting too much thought into my lifts. But after my second deadlift at 622.8 I knew the third was going to be a battle. I was sitting in the hallway psyching myself up for the pull and I started to think, started to pray. I prayed for strength to make that lift not because I cared about the number or a PR but because of why I was there, because of the reason I was lifting, because I didn’t want those kids sitting there to see me fail, because I wanted to be strong like them. The weight on that bar didn’t represent a PR or the end to a good total, the weight for me represented a small portion of a burden on the shoulders of those kids and those families. By raising money and being a part of this I wanted nothing more than to just lift a small portion of that burden off their shoulders. I put my whole heart and soul into that pull and I made the lift and was overwhelmed with emotion.

    I walked to the warm-up room where Scott M Smith was waiting with a hug. When I gave him a hug I did a rerun of my life in my head and it hit me hard. I started crying and I couldn’t stop. Most of you probably don’t know my story and I’m gunna share more than I ever have. Scott reached out to me at a time when I really really needed someone to reach out. I was battling addictions, bad ones. I was in a very dark corner of my life, completely broken and in desperate need of some hope. Scott shined a light in that dark corner. He pulled me off that path and closer to God. He showed me there’s a better way to live. Hes been there ever since, for literally everything and I am eternally grateful for him and Shawnna.

    After the lifting was done I listened to Mike Hamilton make a speech about being broken. And later that night standing in the parking lot thinking about my life and that speech I broke down again. I found my why. The big why, the why I’m on earth question that I’ve been seeking the answer to for so long. Yes I’m broken. I’ve done many horrible things, I’ve treated people horribly, I’ve destroyed relationships, friendships, I’ve been arrested, addicted, suicidal and everything in between. But I’m alive for a reason. I didn’t die in those car accidents or in those overdoses for a reason. God needs me alive, this world needs me alive. They need me to serve. I need to do exactly as Scott did for me and shine my light in dark corners, reach out and help the broken. Show them that they are worthy of love and capable of service.

    On Saturday standing in the church I heard a long list of things that money we raised help pay for. It bought groceries, fuel, paid mortgages, bought cars, bought a handicap van, and all sorts of amazing things so those families could continue to take care of their children and have just a little bit less to worry about. The fact that I get to help take some of that burden away, and do it through my favorite hobby of lifting weights….that’s truly a blessing. I’m so thankful for everything and everyone this weekend. I love you all. God bless.

  2. Tracy Nestman September 6, 2015 at 11:37 pm #

    Wow…. Relentless ….. Where do I begin…….
    Relentless in an amazing group that has made such an impact in my family’s life.
    My Daughter Addi, was chosen as a 2014 kid. We were completly blown away.
    The event……. Oh my …… The Red carpet was laid out for us . We were loved on and made to feel as if we couldn’t be more special.
    My Addi is undiagnosed yet has many health issues. We do not fit in a certain category , which enables us to find a support group.
    We FOUND our support group, no only that ……. But we have a HUGE FAMILY NOW!!
    I honestly cried when leaving that day and for a week after because my heart longed to see my family again.
    Relentless has truly changed our lives not only financially helping with the must of an ill child, but the love , support and friendship. We are truly blessed!!
    God is bigger because of his Relentless love!❤️

  3. Monica bint September 5, 2015 at 1:05 pm #

    First I want to thank relentless for all they have done for my family and my nephew Connor. He is a amazing person who is shining down on us all know. CONNOR INTRODUCED ME TO RELENTLESS AND NOW I WILL BE LIFTING IN NOVEMBER FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE IN HONOR OF MY NEPHEW CONNOR BINT. I am glad me and my family can still be apart of this all. Thank you all

  4. Shanon January 8, 2015 at 10:08 pm #

    I started following Relentless this pass year through Beautiful Amber (She was my daughter’s best friend and one of my other kids ♡). My daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor this past april and surgery in june (which Amber was there sitting by Britt’s side the whole day even with her going through her stuff ) with follow up scans and everything in between this group helped me look at life a little different. Unfortunately I missed the meet that was this year (really would have loved to see it) and i seen how strong and supportive everyone is and its amazing. But i fell in love with everyone, the night me and my daughter walked down that hallway to say our goodbyes to Amber ♡.
    Let me paint the picture,
    Me and my daughter walking down the hallway and there was relentless crew (which i never met anyone but by following i knew of them) and as my daughter loses it (hit with emotions of course )
    a couple of these big burly guys start just dressing us up and getting my daughter in the room as fast as they could. It may sound wierd that way but To feel all the LOVE that Relentless gave that night and contunies to give WAS AND IS AMAZING! I truely believe you all are a blessing and im proud to be part of this group. ♡♡

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