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Please welcome Sidney O’Connor and her mother to Relentless Detroit. During a regular visit to her pediatrician when Sidney was three days old, her doctor advised her mother of a handful of setbacks Sidney appeared to have.

Sidney had a heart murmur, a problem with her hearing and one of her eyes was beginning to cross. Tubes had to be placed in her ears to correct a blockage & hopefully improve her hearing deficit. At 2 1/2 years old, she underwent surgery to correct the crossing eye, & eventually she outgrew her heart murmur.

Although she appeared to be healthy when she was born, Sidney has been battling developmental delays & medical struggles since she was just a few months old. At 13 months, she had her first convulsant seizure, another one a few months later, eventually placed on anti epileptics medicine, & given a diagnosis of epilepsy. This still wasn’t the answer to all of her other medical ailments & physical limitations. The delays continued, the seizures worsened, & after many years, their family still had no true medical diagnosis.

When Sidney was seven years old, placement into a medically induced coma was required, due to continuous seizure activity. After 7 days in a comatose state, & a 15 day hospital stay, the seizures were finally controlled again, they were able to come home, but still having no concrete answers to her overall delays.

Living the unknown for many more years, different types of seizures made their presence as meds were added, adjusted, & changed. This went on year, after year, after year.

In June of 2013 mom came across a fundraiser for a little girl from the downriver area who could have been Sidney’s twin, & inquired with the family, & after a lot of research, contact with different doctors, & newer, advanced genetic testings, FINALLY their mystery was solved, & a true diagnosis, Mowat Wilson Syndrome was given. At the time, 190 cases had been given worldwide

relentless detroit sidneyAlthough Sidney and her mother can finally place a name on what she is suffering from Sidney continues to be a fighter. She has went from being wheelchair bound to taking six steps independently without any help at all.

We would like to welcome Sidney O’Connor as a Relentless Kid for 2016. Relentless Detroit will walk step by step by your side as you continue your fight.

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