Mollie – The Moguin Family

relentless detroit mollieMeet Mollie the youngest of three her being 14. Mollie and her mother Coleen are from the Flushing Michigan area but receive care for Mollie at Children’s Hospital in Detroit.

Mollie has been battling Ewing’s Sarcoma since 2009 and currently has to travel to Boston as well for the treatment that she needs while dealing with this terrible condition.

She loves horses and sports!!

Mollie and Alicia Yon — one of this years RD Kids — have become friends over their years of treatment.

Mollie is a fighter. Through all of the challenges that she has faced since her diagnosis in 2009, she has continued to smile as bright as the sun. We are proud to welcome Mollie and her mother Coleen as a 2014 Relentless Detroit family.

If you do not know a lot about Ewing’s Sarcoma although it is rare, it is the second most common bone cancer that affects children from age 10 to 20.

These tumors often are confused with bruises when they appear on soft tissue areas of the body. Most of these types of tumors however, form on or very near your leg bone, pelvis bone, arm bone, multiple rib bones and even your spine.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital says within their explanation of Ewing’s Sarcoma that nearly 70% of children with this condition can be successfully cured. Children with tumors that have grown very large or have the tumor on their spine, a rib or the pelvis sadly face tougher odds.

Surgery is required to remove the tumor followed by external or internal radiation to kill affected cells that the doctor is not able to remove during surgery.

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