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Matthew, our sweet baby boy was born healthy in January 2005. For the first three years of his life, he grew and acted as any child his age would be expected.

While playing one day with his sisters and cousins Matthew hit his head and became unresponsive. We rushed him to the hospital to be checked out in hopes of discovering what was going on with him. After many test, a few days later we finally received an update from Matthew’s doctors.

The doctors informed us that Matthew had Leukodystrophy. We had no idea what this was, how it was treated or what to expect. When we read what this disease did to children, it completely devastated our family.

As time went on, Matthew began to loose his abilities: first, his walking and shortly after eating became difficult for him. Because of this disease, Matthew quickly lost his ability to speak as well. Although he faced extremely tough odds, Matthew the fighter that he is began to walk again with a walker, braces and a soft helmet.

This was one of the most difficult times our family has ever faced, watching our son deteriorate while feeling as though our hands were tied. Trying to feed him with no results, seeing him go from eating normally to barely sucking through a straw and Matthew trying to communicate but can’t anymore.

From Age 5 until Present Day

Matthew suffers from severe scoliosis that affects his breathing. This has caused him to have to wear a ventilator and constantly receive oxygen in order to help expand his lungs.

Matthew has experienced a collage of ups and downs. Due to Matthew’s bone loss, his bones have become very brittle. This has lead to him having a dislocated hip.

2016 RD Kid Matthew A.Our family was on a retreat when Matthew suddenly became seriously ill. He was taken to a local hospital where he was intubated and then air lifted to Mott Children’s Hospital where he was on life support for two months.

Matthew’s doctors are still not certain what prompted it but at one point, he had slipped into a coma. The doctors said that he would not survive but miraculously Matthew did.

Matthew has been hospitalized on several occasions and doctors have had to give our family this same dreadful news over and over again. Matthew, against all odds has survived to prove these doctors wrong repeatedly.

Matthew enjoys all kinds of music. He loves Sponge Bob, Barney and funny movies. He loves being outdoors and when he is read stories by his sisters.

Matthew is our hero and a miracle and is very much loved by all who come into contact with him. We will never give up fighting for him and our entire family looks forward to watching him grow older. God’s will shall be done in all things.

Please welcome Matthew Armstrong as a 2016 RD Kid. He will no longer fight Leukodystrophy alone. Relentless Detroit welcomes Matthew into our family of love and support.

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