Maison – The Reeder Family

Maison ReederPlease welcome 2 year old Maison Reeder, along with her parents Lance & Chrissy Reeder and big sister Lilia 9.

The Reeder’s reside in Clinton Township. At 14 months old, Maison suffered from a seizure that left her unresponsive.

EMS was called and while they were transporting her to the hospital she suffered another seizure and had to be intubated.

Maison was then transferred from McClaren Macomb to Children’s Hospital where she was taken into the PICU.

After being evaluated and treated for 24 hours, the doctor’s agreed Maison was ready to be taken off the ventilator.

Upon extubation, Maison’s breathing became labored and they were not able to get a tube back down her throat and she ended up going without oxygen for 23 minutes. Maison was then hospitalized for 5 weeks after that.

MaisonBefore leaving the hospital, Maison had an MRI done and they confirmed that she had swelling of the brain and could not determine where there was brain damage.

Unfortunately, Maison is not the same little girl that she was before this whole ordeal.

She has now been diagnosed with acute anoxia, quadriparesis and cerebral palsy. We are very fortunate however that Maison is still with us and continue to enjoy our daughter everyday.

It has been a struggle with insurance and Medicaid and social workers but we continue to fight on. Maison is the biggest fighter of all and we have faith and hope in her recovery.

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