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Meet the Pagel Family. Tracy, Frank and their three children Madison, Avah and Hunter.

Maddie is 4 years old now. In early 2011, just 4 months after she was born, Maddie was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer and hydrocephalus (water on the brain). During her testing, doctors additionally found cancer in her spinal fluid as well as a spot on her spine called choroid plexus.

After seven weeks in the intensive care unit and a total of 11 cycles of chemotherapy all before Maddie even turned a year old, she was released from the hospital. Her doctors determined that she was in remission but decided to have her come in every three months for testing to be certain.

No further issues were detected until Maddie’s 9 month scan with the doctors. Tracy and Frank said that the doctors found two new tumors on Maddie’s brain. On her second birthday, Maddie had to start chemotherapy all over again.

More test followed as well as another diagnosis of Maddie’s current state. Doctors discovered that she had a rare gene mutation called Li-Fraumeni syndrome.

The doctors told Frank and Tracey that this new diagnosis did not mean that Maddie would get more cancer. However because the mutated gene is what normally fights off tumors and repairs damaged cells, Maddie now faces a higher likelihood of developing additional tumors.

madison pagel and familyShortly after Maddie’s new diagnosis, doctors started her on a two month, outpatient high dosage chemotherapy. With little success, doctors tried multiple chemotherapy treatments in an effort to find a method that produced results.

Currently, Maddie’s chemotherapy does not have an end date. She is undergoing clinical trials in an attempt to find a treatment that will be successful for her. Frank and Tracey have high hopes for Maddie although doctors say that her treatments have reached uncharted territories now.

Although Maddie’s symptoms continue to be very aggressive Frank and Tracey say that testing will continue and that they are just taking it day by day, one month at a time.

Please welcome Maddie Pagel as a 2013 RD Kid. Relentless Detroit will help and standby the Pagel family as they continue their fight for a cure for Maddie.

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