Jack – The Johnson Family

Jack Johnson FamilyPlease welcome 7 year old Jack, his little sister Ava (6), and parents Jamie & Brent Johnson from Novi, MI to the family!

Jack was born in March of 2010 and appeared to be perfectly healthy when he left the hospital.

Over the first few months of his life we noticed he wasn’t tracking objects with his eyes, and then he started having seizures.

It took 5 years to confirm that he has a mutation in his TUBB3 gene; at the time of his diagnosis this disorder was unique to Jack.

As a result of this rare disorder Jack is blind, with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, microcephaly, and dysgenesis of the corpus callosum.

JackJack is non-verbal and non-mobile, although he recently developed the ability to sit up on his own – a skill he is very proud of!

Jack enjoys listening to music, swimming, and has a smile and laugh that lights up the world. Jack has a little sister, Ava, who is six years old and perfectly healthy.

She loves her brother and likes to help push his wheelchair when out running errands; she also likes to pick out his outfit in the morning to ensure he is always looking his best!

Jack’s parents, Brent and Jaime Johnson, have been married since August of 2006.

They are advocates for the special needs community and fight passionately to improve the lives of other families like their own. They are grateful to have the support of the Relentless Detroit family!

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