Connor Bint

relentless detroit kid connor bint
When Connor was growing up, he was pretty much like other kids. He was always polite and well mannered to others. He was a straight A student and always on the honor role. He also always enjoyed playing sports.

In late 2013 after a house fire, Connor went to live with some school friends, the Glaza family.

Some time later Connor began to suffer from daily headaches and constant nose bleeds. Although these problems persisted, Connor chose to continue attending school and playing sports as he normally did daily.

These issues continued to get worse with time so Connor was taken in to see a Doctor. Believing the problem had something to do with Connor’s nasal cavity, he was sent to Motts.

Numerous test were done to try and find an answer for his condition. When the doctors concluded their testing, we were given news that we would have never expected. Connor had 2 types of stage 4 brain cancer. One of the types of cancer is so rare that the doctors said only 2 other cases have ever been reported.

The doctors told us that because of Connor’s cancers they believed he had 6 months to a year to live. Connor needed surgery immediately and the doctors wanted to start chemo and radiation treatment soon after in hopes of stopping the cancers from spreading further.

Treatments started and Connor just being Connor continued to remain in high spirits even though his stays in the hospital were for many weeks at a time.

In mid July of 2014, we received news that made us all cry with joy. The doctors told us that Connor was now cancer free.

In September during a scheduled MRI, we were devastated when we were told that a new spot on Connor’s brain was discovered after his MRI. Connor had a second surgery soon after this discovery.

After his second surgery, Connor continued his chemo and chose to attend school again. While attending school Connor and his friends held a Toy Drive to help Motts and were able to collect more than 4000 toys for them.

rd kid 2016 connor bintIn December, Relentless came into Connor’s life. While he continued his treatments, he started lifting and training at Detroit Barbell where he said everyone treated him like a brother.

Before his 3rd surgery, Connor was able to attend and compete at Relentless Minnesota and expressed how happy he truly was to be able to do so.

Thanks to the support of friends and family Connor was able to realize many of his dreams including graduating from high school with the rest of his classmates before God called him home.

He made it his mission to help others. He never complained or wanted others to feel sorry for him. We believe our Connor to be a true hero. We want to thank all of Relentless, Ashley, Jason, Clay, Tommy and Steve of AH. You all helped him feel like a true hero.

Thank you – Gpa


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