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relentless detroit collinWe would like to introduce a special 10 year old named Collin Stempnieski. Collin, his mother Kathleen and his father Greg are from Macomb Michigan.

Collin was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoid Leukemia at age two. In the years that followed, Collin underwent numerous chemotherapy treatments in an effort to fight this disease.

Due to chemotherapy and the many medications supplied by doctors, Collin’s leukemia was forced into remission. However, because of the many different medications Collin had to take he now has lasting side effects.

Collin’s parents said that they noticed that something was not quite right with him one day as he sat playing his video game. They took him in to see the doctor and it was suggested that his parents allow them to run test as well as an opportunity to monitor his brain waves.

The doctors diagnosed Collin with a rare form of epilepsy that has only gotten worse with time. Because you just don’t know when a seizure is going to happen Collin’s parents said that he has to wear a helmet nearly all of the time for his protection.

Kathleen and Greg have been doing everything that they can to make their home more accommodating for Collin.

relentless detroit kid 2015 collinIn an effort to be able to constantly monitor Collin a first floor room normally used as an office was converted to Collin’s new bedroom. This way the family said Collin wouldn’t have to worry about climbing stairs or risk not getting help in time if he started to have a seizure.

All of these setbacks have affected Collin’s ability to attend school regularly. To say that this has not affected Kathleen and Greg financially would be an understatement. Kathleen works a fulltime job however, because of Collin’s epilepsy he needs to be cared for constantly.

In search of hope, the Stempnieski’s have traveled in every direction across the country to meet with neurosurgeons to see if brain surgery can possibly cure the epileptic seizures, that plague Collin.

Kathleen’s employer has been very understanding. She is able to work from home for now, a few days a week so that she can be there for Collin. However as Collin’s condition continues to worsen Kathleen says that she is very much considering staying at home fulltime in order to be there for him.

Please welcome Collin Stempnieski as a RD Kid for 2015 and his parents Greg and Kathleen to Relentless Detroit.

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