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Matthew Armstrong Relentless Detroit

Matthew – The Armstrong Family

atthew, our sweet baby boy was born healthy in January 2005. For the first three years of his life, he grew and acted as any child his age would be expected. As time went on, Matthew began to loose his abilities: first, his walking and shortly after eating became difficult for him. Because of this […]

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Jessi Lynn Geilow

Jessi – The Gielow Family

essi was born on November 27, 2007. It was such a joy to have a little girl in our family! At three months old, we noticed that she did not hold her head up well and at six months was not holding things in her hands amongst other developmental issues we observed. She started physical […]

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Trista Kirby RDK 2016

Trista – The Kirby Family

rista was born a healthy happy little girl; she had no health issues and made all the normal milestones at the appropriate time. She is the youngest of 5 children; her siblings are Chelsea, Brandon, Tyler and Mackayla. This is something a child should never had to endure but Trista fought like a champ and […]

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sidney oconnor

Sidney – The O’Connor Family

Please welcome Sidney O’Connor and her mother to Relentless Detroit. During a regular visit to her pediatrician when Sidney was three days old, her doctor advised her mother of a handful of setbacks Sidney appeared to have. Sidney had a heart murmur, a problem with her hearing and one of her eyes was beginning to […]

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