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amber webb and family
This is the story of the Amazing Amber Webb told by her stepmother Shannon. I’m Shannon Zokoe, I was a Relentless Family in 2013, and I’ll always be a Relentless Detroit family member. On May 24th 2013 my beautiful, amazing, feisty, tell it like it is step-daughter Amber was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma which is a type of bone cancer.

Our whole world was forever changed by the words “You have Cancer”. Truthfully, it didn’t seem to rock Amber’s world. The doctors gave us the terrible news then asked Amber “How do you feel about all this” well our strong angels reply was “This is nothing, I eat nails for breakfast” and she truly did. She was the strongest chic I’ve ever met.

About a month later, I threw a fundraiser for Amber for our upcoming medical bills and the fact that I stopped working we knew we’d need help. At this fundraiser in June 2013, we met John Kazmar who told us about Relentless Detroit.

A few weeks later, we had dinner with John and we were introduced to the amazing selfless man Tommy Westhoff. He explained all about Relentless and it still was so weird to me…power lifters who have a meet in a church and raise money for kids with life threatening illnesses.

I thought to myself, how weird is that? We agreed to be apart of this…which I didn’t know then but know now, ended up being the most life changing experience of my entire life. The people involved in this organization are like no others I’ve ever met! The bonds I’ve made with the lifters, the supporters, and especially the never ending bonds I’ve made with the other Relentless Moms and their kids have been amazing.

I would have never made it through the 2 years of anguish I went through without each and everyone of them and all of them know I love them from the bottom of my heart. Amber went through things no kid should ever have to endure in their life and Relentless Detroit was there every step of the way. Amber underwent chemotherapy for a year and a half. She had 3 full ribs removed and had a lifetime dose of radiation.

Amber got every side affect you could get through all of this as well. She had an extremely bad experience with chemo and radiation but that girl still kept a fight in her which I’ll never know how she did it. In September of 2014, we were 1 cycle away from being done with treatments and she had another MRI only to receive news which we weren’t hoping for at all.

Her tumor had come back. When a tumor comes back within the first 2 years of diagnosis the life expectancy rate lowers from 70% to 15%. We were still hopeful because if you knew Amber you knew she wasn’t giving up! After meeting with doctors and extensively going over the options we were given and researching the hell out of them we decided to go with the stem cell transplant.

amber webbIn December 2014, we were being prepped for the transplant which she was going to have in January 2015. The docs wanted her to enjoy her Christmas before she underwent this extensive life threatening procedure. On December 6th 2014, we rushed Amber to the hospital via ambulance because of a high fever and pain she was experiencing.

That day was and always will be the worst day of our lives. To hear the words your daughter, someone you love conditionally isn’t going to make it just completely crushes you. When I called Tommy from Relentless Detroit and told him what was going on within an hour the hospital was filled with Relentless love.

They were there for Amber and our family and it was amazing. It was so wonderful to see how much this little girl had touched so many lives. Amber did end up passing later that evening on December 6th. I miss that girl every second of every day. What I’d give to have her argue with me again.

She loved to argue because she thought she was always right and even when she wasn’t she could convince you she was. I do still struggle and always will with losing her but because of Relentless, I find the strength to live each day and help all these other amazing kids! I know Amber wouldn’t want it any other way.

Relentless Detroit made an impact on her life and it goes without explanation how much it has impacted mine. It makes me smile knowing that if you asked anyone involved in Relentless they’d say it was Amber who did the impacting.

With complete sincerity I say THANK YOU to each and every person involved with Relentless, whether your part is big or small believe me it means something to these families and kids.

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