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alicia yon relentless detroitI’m a single mother of 3 beautiful, smart, and funny teenagers! Devin 17, Alicia 15, and Isaac 14.

Things were going really well until September of 2012 when at Wyandotte hospital Alicia was having an MRI and we were told she needed to go to Childrens ASAP! There was a mass in her brain.

Our world was completely turned upside down!!! She spent 9 days in the hospital lots of pokes, tests, shunt surgery, and brain tumor biopsy.

When the results came back it took me 3 days to tell her it was cancer, polymoxiod astrocytoma. While I was sobbing she looked at me and smiled and said “I’m going to be fine mama”.

Then almost at the one year of her diagnosis I took Isaac in for chest pains and a large vein that ran down his sternum, took some X-rays and told me once again he must go to Children’s right away!

She explained there was a large mass in the middle of his chest. On the way to the hospital I was crying and crying and he said “Mom I’m going to be OK!!!!”

Isaac spent 10days in the hospital lots of pokes, tests, bone and tumor biopsy! Hodgkins Lymphoma was his diagnosis.

He started chemo right away and then onto radiation finishing in March! He’s doing great now!

Alicia is finishing her last round of chemo and hopefully will finish near the date her and Isaac were diagnosed!

Candie Parker Yon

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